A Prosperous Way Down Website and Blog

A Prosperous Way Down Website and Blog

The website, prosperouswaydown.com, created by Mary Odum Logan concentrates on this proposition. It supports lively discussions on what we can do to fit the patterns of today and tomorrow.

The book , A Prosperous Way Down, by Howard T. Odum and Elisabeth C. Odum, was published in 2001 by University Press of Colorado, 5589 Arapahoe Ave. Suite 206C, Boulder, Col. 80303.

A Prosperous Way Down” is a proposition that we can change our ways enough to gradually reduce our energy use to fit the reduction of our resources.

A paper by Betty Odum summaries much of the book. The paper will be presented at a workshop at the Friends General Conference, held at the University of Rhode Island July 1 - 7,  2012. You can download the paper by following this link to Betty's paper.

Here is a link to a Report on the first Prosperous Way Down Workshop Posted by Enrique Ortega 09/24/12