Executive Council

The ISAER Executive Council

The Executive Council as of November 22, 2017

Executive Council members elected to 4-year terms in May of 2017:

Agostinho, Feni D. R. Campbell, Elliott T., Treasurer Franzese, Pier Paolo, President-Elect, and Liu, Gengyuan

The Following Council members were elected to 4-year terms in March of 2015:

Abel, Thomas, Almeida, Cecilia M.V.B. Bastianoni, Simone, President, Lu, Hongfang, Secretary

The maximum term of office is 8 years. The resumes of the eight current Executive Council members submitted as candidates can be found below.

Dr. Feni Agostinho

Dr. Elliott Campbell

Dr. Simone Bastianoni

Dr. Pier Paolo Franzese

Dr. Thomas Abel

Dr. Hongfang Lu

Dr. Gengyuan Liu

Dr. Cecília Maria Villas Bôas de Almeida