Emergy Synthesis 9 Conference and the 9th Annual Meeting of ISAER

Emergy Synthesis 9 Conference and the 9th Annual Meeting of ISAER

The 9th  Biennial Emergy Research Conference, Emergy Synthesis 9 was held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL from 8:00 AM on January 6 until 12:30 PM on January 9, 2016. On January 5, 2016 before the formal meeting began, a workshop on the USEPA's effort to build a database of "Emergy Characterization Factors" for use in Life Cycle Assessment was led by Wes Ingwersen and Cissy Ma of the USEPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The 9th  Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research, a.k.a., the Emergy Society began at 12:30 PM on the 9th  of January, directly following the conference.

A  report on the activities of the Emergy Society in 2015 was presented at the 9th  Annual Meeting by Secretary Hongfang Lu.

View the Emergy Society 2015 Annual Report

Several people send in photos taken at the conference. Thanks to Remo Santagata, Fabiana Corcelli  and Tom Abel for the photos displayed in this gallery. If you have photos from the conference to share, please send an email to info@emergysociety.com.

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Seventy-five people from around the world registered for Emergy Synthesis 9, the 9th Biennial Emergy Research conference.  These participants presented 49 papers and 30 posters representing the latest advances in the field of Emergy research.  The conference booklet can be accessed using the link below, where the final program and the abstracts of the papers and posters are given.

View the Final Program with Abstracts

View the Meeting Documents of the 9th Annual Meeting of ISAER