Emergy Society Newsletter

The Emergy Society Newsletter 

Enrique Ortega, ISAER President in 2012 and 2013, inaugrated the Emergy Society Newsletter on July 25th 2012. He noted that this is the first of several special projects from the emergy group in Brazil. The intent of the newsletter was to highlight one or more emergy research groups or individual emergy scientists every month. Individual or groups can send there reports to ortega@unicamp.br. The format for each submission is as follows:


  1. Short history of the group and its motivations
  2. Main projects and researchers involved
  3. Recent papers
  4. Main results obtained in research
  5. Information about the group's activities, such as scientific meetings, interesting social and ecological areas, innovative business interactions, scholarships, work opportunities, open projects, research needs
  6. Ideas for ISAER improvement and interactions


Below is a synopsis of the first newsletter. You can download the whole newsletter on by clicking on this link:  Emergy Society Newsletter

The Ecological Engineering and Applied Computing Laboratory
at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Web page: http://www.unicamp.br/fea/ortega 

Short history: This laboratory was created by Enrique Ortega in 1985 to develop studies on the interface of Food Production with Ecology, Economics and Computing. It aimed to establish a research program based on Howard T. Odum´s scientific proposals. It developed a post-graduate research program, partnerships with ecological farms, social movements and teaching and research institutions in Brazil and other countries.

Main objective: Analyze the relationships of agriculture and agro-industry with
their environment using general systems theory, modeling and simulation, computer programs, and energy and mass balances to make diagnoses and propose alternatives to improve the environmental and social impact of food production and discuss public policy for sustainable development and “degrowth”.

Summary: http://www.unicamp.br/fea/ortega/ISAER/OrtegaUnicamp-ISAER.htm


Ecosystem Engineering Design Lab at the University of Maryland

Web page: http://www.enst.umd.edu/tilley/

This laboratory was created by David Tilley. It has been busy the last few years
developing new talent and knowledge on the theoretical basis and methodological
practicalities of emergy synthesis.

Summary: http://www.unicamp.br/fea/ortega/ISAER/TilleyMaryland-ISAER.htm