Emergy Society Database

Access to the Emergy Society's Database

The Emergy Society Database of transformities and other unit emergy values is administered by Brandon K. Winfrey and it is currently open for use by all Emergy Society members and other interested parties.

Please follow these steps to register.

1) Go to http://www.emergydatabase.org
2) Click the "Create new account" link on the left sidebar
3) Fill out a user name and password that you will use to sign into the website.
4) Provide an email where you can be reached so your account can be verified.
5) Be patient. Currently, user accounts are approved manually by the administrator.

The Emergy Society's Database

The Emergy Society's Database was built in 2011 by the Standards Committee under the leadership of Dave Tilley at the request of the ISAER Executive Council. This database also serves as a handbook for the standard methods of estimating transformities and other Unit Emergy Values (UEVs) and displays all UEVs from the peer-reviewed journal literature known to the committee at the time of its construction. Researchers are expected to use the Emergy Database as a reference for UEVs, but should always check  the original citation, because errors in the published literature exist. The database currently has 204 user accounts. Having a user account grants access to comment on and submit UEVs. There are currently 956 UEVs on the Emergy Database from 174 citations. These citations include original research articles published in 33 peer reviewed journals before 2012. UEVs were also gathered from Emergy Conference Proceedings up to 2010. Currently, the emergy database manager maintains user account requests and submissions and comments by users. The Standards Committee needs to update the database with UEVs from newer published literature. Instructions for signing-up to use the database are given on the below.