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People’s Republic of China
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The participants of the 5th Annual Meeting of the Emergy Society approved the formation of a committee to form an Asia-Pacific Chapter of ISAER. After a great deal of investigation, the Asia-Pacific Chapter Organizing Committee under the direction of Daeseok Kang and Dan Campbell determined that due to the laws of P.R. China and the difficulty of establishing nonprofit corporations in many Asian countries the only feasible way forward was to organize a Chapter of the Emergy Society in the People’s Republic of China.


By-laws for the Chapter were written by Zhifeng Yang and a group of scientists from Beijing Normal University working with the China Chapter Organizing Committee chaired by Daeseok Kang and Dan Campbell. After considerable study of the possible relationships between nonprofit corporations and their affiliates, the China Chapter of ISAER was organized as an arm of ISAER itself. The Chapter Executive Council was appointed by the ISAER Executive Council at its meeting on or about 12/3/2013, approved formation of the China chapter and appointed a slate of 8 council members and a representative from the parent body, ISAER. Shu-Li Huang as appointed as the ISAER representative on the China Chapter Executive Council, whose membership is Zhifeng Yang, Sheng Zhao, Hongfang Lu, Xiaobin, Dong, Bin Chen, Haitou Li, Yong Geng, and Yunguan Xi. Gengyuan Liu was appointed ISAER Assistant Treasurer in China. Dan Campbell chaired the first meeting of the China Chapter Executive Council in the last week of March 2013, which had the sole purpose of electing officer’s by secret ballot. Yang Zhifeng was chosen as President, Sheng Zhao as President-Elect, and Lu Hongfang as Secretary-Treasurer.

Fifty-one members of the Emergy Society are also members of the China Chapter or about 20.6% of our total membership. Since one membership fee confers membership in both the parent society and the Chapter, dues are split between the two levels in the same organization.

Chapter Activities:

The ISAER Executive Council held a second special meeting in February of 2013 to consider a proposal from Yang Zhifeng and Beijing Normal University to carry out a series of activities over the next two years that would strengthen emergy research in China and the Asia-Pacific Region. The proposal asked for ISAER support in carrying out the program. The ISAER Executive Council gave its general approval and a detailed response to each item in the proposal. These activities have already begun and have included the International Symposium on River Science in August 2013, at which Dan Campbell represented ISAER. This was followed by the recent visit in June of 2014 of Mark Brown and Sergio Ulgiati to Beijing Normal University where Mark Brown taught a short course on Emergy methods followed by a lecture tour to other universities in China.

Activities of the China Chapter of the International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research in 2015 are given below:

The 2015 Annual Report of the China Chapter of the International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research may be found here:

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